SOLVED - Help: CLDL Configuration - How To Set BASH Editor

Hi All,

I have a CLDL (LXQT) installation running and would like to set the default BASH Editor to neovim (nvim) instead of vim.

My home directory does not have a .bashrc file or a .bash_profile file. So I am left wondering which configuration file is used by CLDL to set the default BASH Editor and where is that file located?

I thank all for any assistance that can be provided.


Have you tried “eselect editor list”?
You may try running something like “eselect editor set /usr/bin/neovim” once neoviw is installed.

Hi All,

Thanks to all for suggestions.

The question has been resolved.

The system configured editor can be determined by running the bash command:

$ echo $EDITOR

If this is not the preferred editor, it can be changed by modifying the following file:


Once the 99editor file is modified, the change is recognized by the system after running the following command as root:

$ env-update

The change can be verified by examining the following file via the cat command or via a text editor:


Hopefully this will help other Calculate Linux users that may wish to set their system specified editor from the setup default.