[SOLVED] Error Joining Samba Domain with Windows XP


I just installed CDS and setup samba… which seems to work just fine out of the box :wink:

I did set up groups and users,
and added admin user (client as well)

  • but now I hav problem in Windows XP SP3!

joining the domain as admin user gets me this error:
The following error occured attempting to join the domain: A device attached to the system is not functioning.

does anybody know of such an error? How to track down?

Thanks for your comments!


I’ll check tomorrow, then I’ll write you the results

I tracked down the error:

If the Windows Client was in another Domain before, this error comes up.

I solved it this way:

# make Win Client a Member of a WINS Netbios Group (No AD) with the same name of the new AD
# then reboot client
# if network neighbourhood is correct and all works, re-join Win Client with the AD of the same name like the clients


Cool! It will be helpful. Thnx for your solution