[Solved] emerge -e world mirror question

I love Calculate Linux!

When I do…

emerge -e world

the mirror used to download everything is ftp.linux.kiev.ua (Romania). I am in the US. How do I change the mirror to a server in the US? I’ve tried declaring


and using mirrorselect to choose mirrors but no matter how or where I specify the mirrors it always uses ftp.linux.kiev.ua

How do I force CL to use a server in the US?


Well SYNC=
in /etc/make.conf will update your portage tree but this doesn’t give you your fastest mirrorlist…

I am in the US on the East Coast and my list in /etc/make.conf
looks like

GENTOO_MIRRORS="http://mirror.datapipe.net/gentoo ftp://mirror.datapipe.net/gentoo rsync://mirrors.rit.edu/gentoo/ ftp://mirrors.rit.edu/gentoo/ ftp://gentoo.netnitco.net/pub/mirrors/gentoo/source/"

You didn’t say what steps you took with mirrorlist but your steps should be

mirrorselect -s3 -b10 -o -D >> /etc/make.conf
mirrorselect -d -s5
mirrorselect -i -r

and should probably

emerge --oneshot portage

Repositories binary packages are only three in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. We can not use other mirrors as for binary mirror we need access to perform the update. Upgrading packages occurs simultaneously with the update portage. The path to the mirror can be changed in the PORTAGE_BINHOST variable in fale /etc/make.conf.

You are saying that Calculate should only use Your repositories…?

I am lucky because while I have changed the mirrorlist and rsync myself, I did so after my emerge world UPdate. I have not added packages since.

So, I should Change back by removing the mirrorlist that I posted above ???

Waiting for your response.

@Rex Highspeed
I hope I didn’t mislead you. I, like you, am waiting for Alexander’s response.

Just to see the results.
I have…
Altered my /etc/make.conf by commenting out previous changes and choosing a Calculate rsync.


I then preformed

emerge --one shot portage

Ended with

Ran 3 tests in 1.560s

 * System configuring for portage package by Calculate Utilities
 * Calculate Utilities have changed files:
 *      /usr/lib/portage/pym/_emerge/depgraph.py
>>> Auto-cleaning packages...

>>> No outdated packages were found on your system.

 * GNU info directory index is up-to-date.

Each distribution CL has three profiles - normal, binary and development (see ‘eselect profile list’). Binary profile is used by default. When using binary profile during the upgrade system you are using pre-compiled packages. Binary package is not much, the rest are compiled from source code. All packages are assembled with USE-flags distribution.

To work with the binary profile, we performed a series of steps, moving Portage to Git and creating several mirrors with centralized update. The update occurs at the same time - the binary packages, Portage and Calculate overlay.

You can not use the pre-compiled binary packages, compiling packages during the upgrade. In this case, you use only the mirror described in variable GENTOO_MIRRORS.

You can switch the profile by running eselect profile set X, where X - the profile number.

It was the binhost. I was unaware of the fact that the binaries are pulled from a specific server that is different than for ebuilds. Thanks guys!

I was using cl-builder to create my own flash install. I had 50 failed packages after an emerge -e world. I changed the binhost in make.conf and everything is working fine. Thanks!

In my case I run

eselect profile list

and see that I am #22
which is
sqlpython # eselect profile show
Current /etc/make.profile symlink:

Thanks Alexander