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[Solved] Bug in League of Legends with Lutris and pipewire - Need help :)

I am using CLDM up to date.
Issue: When launching a game of League of Legends, with lutris, the screen become black and the terminal provide this message “INFO: SDL_INIT_AUDIO failed: Audio target ‘pipewire’ not available”.
The game do not launch, black screen and then I comeback to the League of legends launcher with no way to play the game.

Before pipewire, League of Legends works flasslessly with lutris.

Do you have any advise to enable me to play League of Legend under Calculate Linux please?

Peace! <3

Hello. Calculate linux has global variable SDL_AUDIODRIVER=pipewire, because system libSDL2 have support for it. The game instead have internal libSDL library who know nothing about pipewire, because it’s old. So you need to use SDL_AUDIODRIVER=pulseaudio variable inside game starting command string. Like SDL_AUDIODRIVER=pulseaudio /path/to/your/game/game.binary as example. Or with any another way, maybe inside special start script. Calculate developers will fix this soon, by removing this global variable at all.

Thanks a lot I will try to add this line somewhere :slight_smile: It will be great if it could be fixed with the global variable removal. I realy thank you for your quick answer <3

I just put SDL_AUDIODRIVER=pulseaudio lutris to launch lutris and it works. Topic Solved :slight_smile: Thanks

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