Skype and microphone

Hello :slight_smile:
When I test Calculate live USB, and I dialogue with Skype, I have no problem: everything works with the microphone.
I’m installing on a single hard drive, to calculate that, so no other distributions …
I run the first installation in harsh, and the microphone works with skype … oki
I restart the PC and I reconnect Skype, and then the microphone stopped working??
I tried everything, alsamixer -> I suspect, because the booster mic1 always returns to zero.?

I have a sound card (a card associated with asus): HDA NVIDIA AD 198x Analog
And 5 years, and many test different distributions, I never had any problems.

Another disk, I Mageia2 (cauldron) and mageia1: no worries Micro with Skype, without touching any setting.

Thank you, if you can understand what is translated by google;)
I know that the French: (
Thank you in advance for all solutions, if indeed there;), because I need skype, (family ties) and also, I would like to keep Calculate base distribution!.
cordially :slight_smile: