Share your desktop

Didnt see any offtopic or media section to share setups and so forth so ill start a thread here. Hopefully not a n issue.

Here is my setup,

xfce installation with i3 window manager

programs in the image are:

Ranger: terminal based filemanager
neofetch: system info display
ncmpcpp: Music player cli for mpd
cava: visualization
sxiv: image viewer
urxvt: the terminal im using

also installed:

rofi: for the program search
compton: for the transparency
nitrogen: for the wallpaper manager
i3blocks: for the status bar


post your desktop below :slight_smile: love to see what others have done with there calculate install.

Hi Brad,
We recently had a group in the Telegram messenger, where users post their screenshots and settings. The group is multilanguage

If you are interested, we will be happy to see you! Primary channel: