Setting up Firewall

Does Calculate have a preset ‘firewall’ running automatically on install? Something basic?

The primary area that gets me when dealing with internet is ‘networking’ Firewall setup.

I was looking for a simple ‘tool’ and apparently all the ‘simple’ GUI’s are removed from Gentoo.

No more Firestarter apparently from a few years ago.

I have installed all there was which is fwbuilder. It refuses to install the very basic firewall I
set up.

Any suggestions? What’s missing? It refuses with a fail message. I’ve given it my ‘user’ and password.
I tried the user login password and even ‘root’.

Of course if there’s a simpler tool, then I’d prefer it. I do not find this tool intuitive ‘unless’ you’re someone familiar with networking which I’m not.

My setup is very simple and I keep it that way because I don’t understand the networking stuff.

I have a basic wireless setup. Actually my preconfigured DD-WRT router used for VPN, necessary or I’d
not be able to do a thing with the internet in CHINA is supposed to have a ‘firewall’ built into it and
already setup.

Still, it’s basic and I won’t even ‘mess’ with trying to set iptables myself. I need someting simple and
would rather not install KDE or most of it in Xfce just to get a simple GUI to setup a basic firewall.

Looking forward to some suggestions. Yes, Running CLDX. I’m an Xfce user. Have been for years back before KD3 became KD4. :wink:

If anyone knows how to ‘make’ the unintuitive fwbuilder install it’s script then that’ll do. Please post very explicit step by step instructions though… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you in advance if anyone can help out with that.

(A non networking question. Why are all other Gentoo Overlays not even searchable with eix-remote update? Does this require me to change profile to see what’s in them with eix?)

There is no intuitive GUI-tool for firewall. In fwbuilder you can try preconfigured template “host fw template 1”.

For working with eix-remote update you can try update eix to newer version.