rolling update from 11.x to 12.x

How would a total UPGRADE be performed, from let’s say, version 11.x to version 12.03?

I’m trying to maybe avoid all the horrible nightmare errors that 12.03 gives me with eix-sync, emerge, and cl-kernel? Those problems I’m getting solved in another sub-board.

But are full upgrades possible, and do they INHERIT the problems of the later versions, or, do they inherit the older working scripts that seem to work perfectly but are broken in the later versions?

Thanks in advance.


Try it. Possible upgrade will be with some package blocking, which must be solved manually.

Downloading CLDX 12 and will try to upgrade with daily image.

So far, no problems with just 12.0 at all, no problems compiling/downloading/updating. Hoping that will be the same situation for the final upgraded 12.03 os.