replaced nvidia with amd and now only black screen at login

I just replaced a Nvidia 970 with an AMD 260x and did change the driver in cl-console before turning the computer off and actually replacing the card. But now, after the splash-screen, when it’s time to see the SDDM login screen, I only get a black screen with a white blinking cursor. What can I do on the command-line to fix this?
The graphics work, because I can see the graphical splash-screen where you can see the advance in bootup.



Hi Angelo,

Splash-screen is not Xorg server. If you switch to the nvidia, then you work uvesa driver.

To setup nvidia, you can use either open source or proprietary video driver. The proprietary video driver must first install:

emerge x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers
cl-setup-video --video nvidia

The package has several versions with support for different nvidia cards. To display all versions of the run:

eix nvidia-drivers

To select open source video driver execute:

cl-setup-video --video nouveau


Thank you for the reply and pointing me in the right direction. I did install the drivers and did the cl-setup-video, but somehow the module didn’t load properly. After a ‘modprobe’ it worked!