Recompile currently running kernel perfectly without error as well as any and all software in the last Calculate Linux

I’d like to know a step by step guide for RE-compiling the currently running kernel. I’m writing this as of June 24th 2020 and am talking about the very latest Calculate Linux 2.x

Additionally, most of the stuff on your website is in Russian, I’m from american and speak English. Any help here?

Also! I’d like to know, how to do a properly OPTIMIZED compilation using C-flags, you know what I mean.

Step by step in a bulleted list would be appreciated.

I’m running Calculate on a Dell Zbook G1 with 16 gigs ram and a 260 GB SSD, on a Quad Core I7. It’s a nice machine.

Also! The same goes for any piece of software that I’d like to compile from scratch in the repo, as well as RE-compile any installed software. Please do not point me to old links that won’t work properly with the latest Calculate linux.

I’d really appreciate any help. I want my Zbook to run @ the fastest possible optimized compiled speed, in other others, custom compiled for the CPU, chipset and motherboard. I want to squeeze out max hardware available. I’m willing to go deep and even recompile the X-windows system. The only binary I’m willing to run is the actual Video kernel binary. So that’s about it, I hope someone can help me, as I’ve seen only Russian stuff, and getting that in email.

Thanks in advance folks. The IDEA of Calculate/Gentoo is superior, and i’D LIKE to learn how to take advantage of the really caring, and totally open source nature of Calculate/Gentoo. Thanks in advance.

You can recompile the system kernel from this manual:

All documentation on the Wiki has been translated into English and partially French. The forum also has support in all languages. Just consider the time difference.

There’s nothing simpler. Comment the three lines in /etc/portage/make.conf/custom:

FEATURES="${FEATURES} getbinpkg"
CFLAGS="-O2 -march=native -pipe"

After that, installed packages will be compiled from source code with optimization for your CPU.

To speed up re-compilation, install the dev-util/ccache package. You can read more here.

You will get the best result by disabling unnecessary dependencies. To do this, see which USE flags you have enabled by default: emerge --info. Use /etc/portage/make.conf/custom to change USE flag values.

You can read a lot of useful things in Gentoo Wiki.