Progress Bar On boot Splash ?

I like the Calculate Boot Splash and Progress Bar indicator during boot process.

I have seen this done with other Distros notable Ubuntu which had a script scheme Named Plymouth.
I would like to have the process explained and as in Where in the Grub boot line the parameter or script is indicated. Also where the scripts called are located.

I looked at the Grub boot line but the call is not apparent.

linux /boot/vmlinuz-3.6.7-x86_64-CLDX root=UUID=9d4a68b3-3fb5-4399-831f-b26edd535dc9 ro video=uvesafb:ywrap,1366x768-32,mtrr:3,splash=silent,theme:calculate elevator=cfq doscsi calculate=video:intel console=tty1 udev quiet

I can see at the beginning of Grub the setting for the grub-calculate Splash though…

Any help is appreciated. Thank You

There is no Plymouth. This is media-gfx/splashutils
<<splash=silent,theme:calculate>> in boot line

Thank You, I will look into package.