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"Progress" Bar Gripe

This is more of a gripe than anything else.

The “progress” bar, that isn’t.

WHY do developers use either a pin-pong ball that bounces from end-to-end or the more useless moving steps that go from left to right instead of a proper progress bar that only goes across once as progress is made?

I don’t mind the candy cane appearance of the diagonal line on the face of the bar - eye candy being important to some, not me but…

Speaking as a user and not a as a developer, how are we (the end user) going to know how much longer the action requested is going to take?

AND NO, I am not under any circumstances to be given a time estimate, as it’s wrong 100% of the time. In a few cases less but most of the time more, occasionally twice as long as originally forecast. This, I believe admit is out of the developers hands, due to the idiosyncrasies of both the internet and the users computer.

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