Problems with the git.calculate repositorie

I was working with repository and when i try to conect with that my connection refuse. I dont have proxy and other thinks.
other of my problemas is when i try to emerge netbeans or eclipse i cant. these told me about a problem.
please help me

I heard that you removed calculate overlay from your system and that you have only open port 80.

Try this:

sed -ri 's|(url = )git://|\1http://|' /usr/portage/.git/config
cd /var/lib/layman/
git clone
mv overlay calculate

3. Create files with this content:



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<repositories version="1.0">
  <repo priority="50" quality="experimental" status="unofficial">
    <description>Calculate Overlay</description>
    <source type="git"></source>

4. Then try <> and emerge something.