Problem with VGA ASPEED 2050 - CLDX 64 last "Stage"


Hardware : TYAN S7002-LE (S7002GM2NR-LE) chipset Onboard Aspeed AST2050

I have a big problem with the video chipset in question: when I start the livecd to begin the installation, I have the first selection screen and then when I choose whatever options videos (I tried everything) I have the first screen “Initializing kernel” and then a black screen with the flashing cursor on the left and nothing more.
The livecd boot normally and then continues to happen on the XFCE desktop but can not do anything at all.

I looked at the options of the kernel (Kernel 3.8.3 Calculate) and the module is in place I even remade a livecd including the specific driver: x11-drivers/xf86-video-ast but still nothing.

Have you any idea?

For the moment when the machine is running on Opensuse 11.2 without problem.

Thank you

XKomodor | Julien


Here is the solution : it seems that the driver in the kernel is severely unstable.

So, I suggest you just disable it in the section:

Device Drivers --> Graphics support --> < > AST server chips

Now, I also disabled the framebuffer (userland … ) and IPMI support

Device Drivers --> Character devices --> < > IPMI top-level message handler

Finally, I also installed the driver


without having set.

I hope that this will help users with this specific chipset because the 2100 work normally.


XKomodor | Julien

Fixes will be added to binary 3.8.5 kernel.