Problem installing Atom Editor with blocking packet

hello all ,

i try to emerge Atom editor. Repo and Overlay from Aegypius. Eix is synced and updated , system on newest step. my prob is this (copy/past from porthole)
Detected file collision(s):

000143  * 
000144  * /usr/bin/apm
000145  * 
000146  * Searching all installed packages for file collisions...
000147  * 
000148  * Press Ctrl-C to Stop
000149  * 
000150  * sys-apps/apmd-3.2.2_p14-r1:0::gentoo
000151  * /usr/bin/apm
000152  * 
000153  * Package 'app-editors/atom-bin-1.21.0_beta0' NOT merged due to file
000154  * collisions. If necessary, refer to your elog messages for the whole
000155  * content of the above message.

So if please anyone has an idea how to solve this pls post it.


the atom package will install a file in /usr/bin which have the name : apm

On CLDM, there are a package sys-apps/apmd which is the Advanced Power Management Daemon. This package have a /usr/bin/apm file

So, it’s impossible to install this 2 packages at the same time. That’s why you have this error and atom is masked…

Pay attention, do not remove sys-apps/apmd, I think it’s important.

Hi ,
Thank you for reply. So it seems i must look for an Alternative like Sublime or so :wink:

You can try to use appimage based Atom package,
You just have to chmod +x on package file, double click and it should run. If not try to run from terminal and see what’s missing.

Big Thanks Tomasz , this Works and Works great!!!

Problem Solved , Atom runs fine.

Good to hear about that. You can also use flatpak’s or/and snaps’s but appimage is imo easiest to use.

Normal i m more the fan of a clean install but in this case. Perfect. Next project Anbox.
At moment found no way but will find out :wink: