Playonlinux IE8 Window is tiny and can't be maximized

I know it is more a playonlinux issue, but I don’t have this at any other distro.

Does someone know how to fix this issue?

When I try to install World of tanks on Playonlinux, I get a tiny Internet Explorer 8 window as a tiny small window.

Thanks for all your help


As I see here there are few cases with gold status. So maybe try to make custom install in POL using these wine versions.
Lutris app with these installers is also an option.

P.S. I tested this WoT script in POl, and same thing happned. IE 7 or 8 window can’t be resized.

Thanks, I will have a look into your recommendations, I have no idea why it happens. I only know it happens on MAGEIA 6 and on ARCH, everything else, you can install WoT easily.

I hope one day PLO fixes these issues,

If I find an answer I will post it here.