plasma update 5.12.5

!!I did update the plasma version of version 5.12.5 and now I do not have a text toolbar or i have only the icon in which the text toolbar is. Open Office does not have any text toolbar option. Also restart does not work.This is a regular update to plasma 5.12.5

Correction, Libre Office does not have a text toolbar, there is no icon with the text toolbar

Shutdown, the restart procedure starts to work correctly but when it needs to shutdown or restart, I get the login screen again.

Thunderbird and some programs keep a normal, textual toolbar. It’s very weird because all the other linux distributions with plasma 5.12.5 have normal textual toolbar

The update with the fix is unloaded onto the mirrors.

Thank you, the text toolbar has been returned. Restart and shutdown continue to end with the login screen instead of the grub menu or shutdown computer. :slight_smile:

I found the cause of the problem because the system does not restart properly and does not shutdown properly. The cause of the problem is the program radeon-profile that I have to use for my AMD R7 260x card. The program worked correctly in all other linux and plasmas 5.12.5, so in Calculate KDE it does not work correctly when update plsma 5.12.5. The program on shutdown and restart causes the login screen to appear. The program I must have to use to not overheat and burn the GPU. I do not know which way to automatically shut down this program when I start restarting and shutdown