Pia - private internet access


i d/l pia client and it installed without problems (i had to sym link route and ipconfig if i remember), but when after i start it and login i can’t connect to any pia server.
any idea why? what to check? how to fix?

thanks for reading

this is output after install:

:heavy_check_mark: Added group piavpn
:heavy_check_mark: Added group piahnsd
:heavy_check_mark: Copied Private Internet Access files
:heavy_check_mark: Allow non-root /opt/piavpn/bin/pia-hnsd to bind to privileged ports
:heavy_check_mark: Created var folder
:heavy_check_mark: Installed icon
:heavy_check_mark: Created desktop entry

  • service piavpn added to runlevel default
    piavpn | * Caching service dependencies … [ ok ]
    piavpn | * Starting piavpn … [ ok ]
    :heavy_check_mark: Created piavpn openrc service

only thing strange to me is that pia added groups piavpn and piahnsd but when i run groups (root or user) i don’t have that 2 groups on list.
pia-daemon and pia-client running