Packages removed after cl-update

Hi foks,

I started to enjoy new graphical update tool, when unpleasant things start to emerge :wink:

After update, update tool asked for removing several packages among them many of which I have installed previously. At first I select “No” and the update tool end with “Failed” result.

Ok, I told myself, maybe he know what is he doing so next time I select “Yes” and update process wash, ehm successful… but then I started to realize that many important packages have disappeared, for example iwl7260-ucode, which is crucial for the wifi on my laptop. To my big surprise gvim was removed also!

Overall, many changes are seen in the Calculate, some of them I enjoy very much, but others makes me think if this was an intention or mistake.

Can somebody clarifying this to me ?

Thanks and best regards!

you have regenerate your world file !!!

simply do:

sudo regenworld

and read the 4th last line in the output to review differences between old and new files, and replace
the old file if desired