package manager

I downloaded and played around with the live DVD Gnome 11.6)
briefly. Looks like a great distro! I have one question though-how do I open up the package manager to add more software? I would like to install once I find out. THANK YOU ALL for your time and consideration.

To install the package distribution uses portage. Use it to install the programs <>, to search <> or <<eix -S program_description>>.

If build a gui front-end for the package manager, it will be better! :slight_smile:
BTW, the CLI is the philosophy of gentoo & linux. I like gentoo, and i love the Calculate Linux!

The easiest package manager that I have used in Calculate is Porthole

emerge porthole

You may have to unmask it.

emerge autounmask
emerge -av --autounmask-write =app-portage/porthole-0.6.1-r2
emerge porthole

Turn off the NoReplace option in Porhole. It is a pain.

portato very nice