package installation

i installed the calculate linux and want to emerge some packages , but all of them are masked by ~amd64 keyword.
i added the name of packge in file /etc/portage/package.unmask/using but it did not solve the problem.
it is strange that none of the graphical tools for package installation are not install by default (something like portato or porthole). if i can install portato, it can install other packages. would anybody please inform me how can i install this package?
(i am using calculate linux 10 with KDE)

Hello! Use cl-unmask. Example:

cl-unmask portato porthole

then emerge …

thanks for your help. that was a great command. where can i find the complete reference for these commands which are available only in Calculate Linux?

All additional commands specific to Calculate Linux in packages sys-apps/calculate, sys-apps/calculate-client, sys-apps/calculate-server (in the [[cds|CDS]]).
Site recently moved from the engine mediawiki. Now we fix the documentation in Russian. Then we’ll translate into English.
Sorry for the inconvenience. Any questions ask here in the forum.

Hi may be i don’t understand but when i try with “cl” the naswer is “bash: cl: command not found”. I wrote this like super user.

After entering ‘cl~~’ press Tab (cl~~). You will then see all available commands.