Opinion on calculate linux

I’m using that distro for 4-6 months, and I’m really impressed. Before migration from previous one, I was looking for distro

  • without systemd (it’s not that much reliable)
  • with option to have stable important packages, but with newer version of certain ones
  • with option to easily(!) tweak packages
  • with many user made repo’s
  • with (at least) quite recent Plasma desktop
  • be as much close to gentoo as possible (Sabayon isn’t)
  • with many manuals

Calculate Linux fulfils all that points. It’s gentoo without wasting too much time on install, building EVERY package and imo this is what it should be on desktop. In overall I think that this distro has really big potential for power users.

There were few minor bugs which I encounter for example related with setting user/groups on install, but they were not that serious. I reported few of them, mostly related to use flags and they were quickly fixed.

Thank you cl-team!

Thank you for your opinion.

Just a question, in which language do you use the system?

English, other lang’s are quite often not supported by apps so I prefer that all of them be in same language.