Opera browser ffmpeg codecs

Hello Calculate team.
Opera is my favourite browser almost from it’s inception. I am happy that Calculate supports it. Thank you!
I would like to ask if you can update opera ffmpeg in your Opera package. When Opera is updated it comes with libffmpeg.so that does not support many video formats. Each time I have to replace it with a version downloaded from pkgs.org or some other source to have support for more video formats.
I download this package, which contains this single libffmpeg.so file and Opera is fully functional. It’s kind of crippled without this.


It would be great if you could update Opera package with updated libffmpeg.so.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, Opera browser supports Gentoo maintainers. Try writing to bugs.gentoo.org.

Thank you.
It’s probably not considered bug since codecs are available as separate package. I just found one from redcore.desktop overlay at zugaina.org
Or I can always replace the file manually with minimal hassle.