Official posture on systemd?


As many might be aware there’s a raging topic going on in linux world about systemd.

Also, Calculate, being a Gentoo based, many must be familiar about Gentoo’s in-house solutions that replace systemd, mainly:


When I tried Calculate it was using openrc but that was a while ago when udev wasn’t playing dirty games yet.

But some Gentoo based distros such as Sabayon adopted systemd.

I wanted to know what’s Calculate official position on this issue?

Does Calculate offer either option that work in a seamless manner?

Is Calculate+eudev+openrc possible from the installer?


We are opposed to systemd. At the moment, we use udev, because it does not require dependencies on systemd.

I’m a longterm Gentoo user looking at Calculate to recommend for others. udev now seems to have either aligned with or joined systemd which I regard it as an unnecessary and badly-designed modification of a critical system component.

I’ve just started building a new installation - something I do every year or two - and found that installing eudev:

emerge -av eudev

was fast, painless and fixed the problems created by udev which was in the original Stage 3 tarball.

emerge automatically removes udev, and I left ‘net.ifnames=0’ in the kernel invocation without generating any error messages.

Highly recommended.