Nvidia drivers issues

Hi everybody,

I tried to install cld checking nvidia in the video section. After reboot I got black screen with blinking underscore, so I went in tty and did “startx” but it won’t start. So I’ve installed again cld choosing intel driver and merging nvidia drivers with no luck. Can anyone help me? thank you

I have the same problem. Works only with intel drivers.
To fix you need to run the command from #root cl-setup-video --video 'intel’

Did the package x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers install?
eix -I nvidia-drivers?
What does the file/var/log/Xorg.0.log contain?

var_log_Xorg (7.7 КБ)

Do you install Calculate Linux to notebook with hybrid video (Intel/Nvidia)? If you want to use Nvidia instead Intel, try setup Bumblebee: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/NVIDIA/Bumblebee

nvidia drivers are installed, what I can only see is the cursor that I can move around on black screen. In tty mode I did “modeprob -r nvidia” then “startx” and I got the screen below.

it say " We’re sorry, ksplashqml has closed unexpectedly…"

Ctrl + Alt + F2

login with root user

emerge nvidia-drivers