News (March 2011)


So, come to pass, the weekly Stage-assemblies are available again!

Starting with version Calculate Linux 11.0 supports repository of binary packages. Each package is built in its Stage image distribution. To preserve the images that are deployed in a separate partition, packed in ISO archive, whose name is used instead of numbers year, month and day. At some point, fixed interest developments, the image of hard testing, and then renamed in version number is already in the month and year. The image is copied to the mirror, and the site is written announcement of the new version.

The first time you can get access to the Stage assemblies, and look at new features in version 11.0. Due to problems with hosting access to the Building was temporarily closed. Now, with the support of our friends, we will again have the opportunity to distribute them! Help always comes when you least expect it. Calculate were registered almost simultaneously on two new mirrors: and

Stage weekly assembly will be available on the mirror from Kazakhstan. The download page already contains the necessary changes.


Not so long ago, the forum added a new section of the Documentation where anyone can write, move or translate the article for configuring the system or certain utilities. Thanks to everyone who responded to the maintenance of records on the site. While activity is observed in Russian-speaking forum. Any help is appreciated. Importantly, shifting leadership, format the text under our wiki format.

Video drivers

Latest Stage-assembly Calculate Linux Desktop include:

  • nvidia-settings-260.19.29.tar.bz2

Files are stored in the directory /usr/portage/distfiles and installed during boot livecd when the user selects the driver (to be added in the near-Stage-assembly), or when you first boot the installed system. Default opensource video driver is loaded.

Hybrid drives

New ISO images Calculate Linux are now hybrid, which means that now they can record not only on CD, but also on USB-Flash without any additional transformations familiar to many command:

dd if=cld-20110329-i686.iso of=/dev/sdb

Where: /dev/sdb - your stick.

Written in such a way USB-Flash will still be that CD. But in order to download and install the system on a disk, this would be sufficient.