new to the commands of gentoo

Hi, I try to install the drsktop-wiki “zim” with

emerge x11-misc/zim

I get two messages:

The following keyword changes are necessary to proceed:
#required by x11-misc/zim (argument)
>=x11-misc/zim-0.52 ~amd64

The following USE changes are necessary to proceed:
#required by x11-misc/zim-0.52, required by x11-misc/zim (argument)
>=dev-lang/python-2.7.1-r1 sqlite

but I don’t know, how to use the complete command in right syntax. I repeat my command and append the parts as descrived above but then there appear errors.

Would anyone so kind to help me please? Thanx in advance.

Hi Michael,

this package is masked ("~" before the architecture name in “~amd64” shows that the package is in the testing branch). Besides, you will need to change the USE flags for it. If you still want to install it, enter:

ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~amd64" USE="sqlite" emerge -1 zim

The "ACCEPT_KEYWORDS" part allows you to install a masked package, and the "USE" part adds the USE flag sqlite (returned by the command, at the end of the bottom line).

You may also need to insert -1 just before the name of your package, so that it is not added to the @world list and does not complicate the updating process and resolving dependencies later.

P.S. Masked packages can be also unmasked with the autounmask tool, but I don’t think it’s worth the bother in your case. Someone over here will correct me if I am wrong:)

Hi Elena,

thank you for your explanation and help. the installation works now fine an zim is running. I think I have to learn a lot about the concepts from gentoo…

Thanks again