New Stage 20110423 with XZ-compression

Just wrote about the Stage-assembly of April 20 as the mirror is already available version 20110423, which contains one of features upcoming release 11.6. The main innovation in this version - a new method of image compression XZ.{{More}} Because of the fact that the compression format has just appeared in the latest kernel 2.6.38, the new format constricted only desktop version of Calculate Linux. The following table shows the size of the old and new images of distributions:

distro gzip xz
CLD 64bit 2.0G 1.8G
CLD 32bit 1.8G 1.6G
CLDG 64bit 1.8G 1.6G
CLDG 32bit 1.6G 1.4G
CLDX 64bit 1.6G 1.4G
CLDX 32bit 1.4G 1.2G
CLS 64bit 618M 543M
CLS 32bit 574M 508M

It’s nice that despite the fact that the 64-bit version of CLD is now included package ati-drivers (installed when you select in the menu), this image can easily fit on 2 GB. USB-Flash drive.