networkmanager applet for CLD 10.2

i need to create a pptp vpn connection. kvpnc is very unstable and regular disconnection (while i do not have this problem with networkmanager in gnome or kde on other distroes). i emerged networkmanager-pptp and nm-applet and added networkmanager to rc-update (rc-update add NetworkManager default).
when i start the system i there is no networkmanager applet!!! and i should run nm-applet command in su mode. also, when i click on “configure vpn connection” there is no active “add” button in “network connection” window.
1-how can i have running networkmanager applet automatically (and off wicd)?
2- how to activate adding vpn connection in network connection window?

What version of kde and networkmanager do you use?

i updated the system. as i see in porthole, the kde is 3.5.2 and networkmanager 0.7.2, networkmanager-pptp 0.7.2

Try update networkmanager and networkmanager-pptp to 0.8 version. May be it resolves your problem.