Need and want to somehow "GIT" Handbrake software,by emerge, or ebuild it myself so I ask...

Here is their URL:

I tried to run emerge handbrake but nothing remotely close came up. And my Portage is updated. I’m new to Gentoo and really want to learn it so is it available through the GIT Hub or do I need to consult Gentoo about where to get this or how to install it?


Here all overlays that contain handbrake are listed; can be used indeed to look for any package you don’t happen to find with eix or emerge --search, i.e. that could only be pulled from an additional overlay.

(For the same result, you could also run eix-remote update to include all overlays in your search and then eix handbrake to look for the package you need.)

Have a look here to learn more on adding new overlays and installing from them. If you run man layman, it’ll say you the same things - it’s the copy of the man page that we have on the site.

…By the way, as far as I can see, many versions of handbrake are masked, so you will need to learn how to unmask packages as well :wink: