My Calculate Linux with GNOME Desktop

Hi all

I am happy because today I announce the finalization of the GNOME Calculate Linux customization by myself.

For your information, the official Calculate Linux Team do not support this work.

In this ISO, generated on April, 6th, 2019, you can find all GNOME applications in 3.30 version.

This ISO based on Calculate Linux scratch includes :

  • GNOME 3.30
  • GNOME Applications 3.30
  • Firefox 66.0.2
  • Libre Office
  • Calculate utilities
  • Xorg 1.20.3
  • Kernel 4.19.29

If you have any suggestions, for the next ISO in software or improvements, I am listening and I will customize what I find good.

Calculate Themes (wallpaper and GTK) applied at the first login of the user
elogind support for GNOME and Pulseaudio
French keyboard supported if ISO started/installed with French language (else, english keyboard)
Graphical install available from activities menu of GNOME
Support of my overlay adrien-overlay

The customization made by adrien-cldg-config package. If when the update of the distro this package is upgraded, you can cancel the update, update first this package and run update again :
emerge -u adrien-cldg-config

Only 64bit version. You can download this NON OFFICIAL ISO on my mirror :

Are you ready ?

You can see a GIF animation of the ISO

1 - CLDG Login :

2 - CLDG Desktop

3 - CLDG File manager :

4 - CLDG GNOME Settings

5 - CLDG Applications :

6 - CLDG Activities :

And a video (in french language) :

Now, in the 2019-04-09 ISO, it looks like as other official flavours :

Video (FRENCH) :

Are you a drug addict or what?

Noooooooooo !!!


I think only drug addicts can use Gnome 3.
But maybe I’m wrong :grinning:

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There should always be a choice.

/!\ : Please, if you downlaoded my ISO before 14 of April 2019, select manually the CLDGA profile :

eselect profile set adrien-overlay:CLDGA/amd64

I would like to know a few things
Are you’s modifications updated through a separately repository?
Can you imagine what you’re not going to make any more new updates, that version will continue to update normally?