My Calculate KDE test-drive and a few issues that I encountered

Downloaded the latest KDE ISO and during the live environment testing stumbled upon a few issues. Firstly the cl-update tool almost always fails while syncing the Gentoo repository with the following message,

Git encountered an error: error: 5471 bytes of body are still expected
Fatal: early eof
Fatal: fetch-pack: invalid index-pack output
Failed to find the binary update server
Update failed

After multiple attempts it finally succeeded but why it failed so many times before is puzzling. After that I bumped into another problem. I wasn’t able to mount partitions formatted with NTFS. I think the ntfs-3g package is built without some necessary flags but I’m not sure.

And, yes, the OpenCL and Vulkan related information in KDE Info Center is not available because of missing dependencies, namely clinfo and vulkan-loader but I’m new to Calculate/Gentoo and I could be wrong here.


Any help is appreciated.

Searched the forum posts and discovered that a couple of similar ntfs3g related problems were posted last year. In both the threads, update was promised to fix the issues. Links to these threads,

So, it looks like that an old bug has resurfaced again. Should I wait for an update to fix the NTFS mount issue?

First, check the dmesg log to see if there are any messages indicating that the volume is in a modified state or if the dirty bit is set. Alternatively, you can run the chkdsk command from the Windows Command Prompt with administrative privileges. Here is the command you should use:

chkdsk C: /F /X /R

Before running this command, it may be helpful to read more about the chkdsk utility by using the /? option to obtain additional information.

This text has been translated and improved by YandexGPT.

@Alexlton Thanks for the suggestion, my friend. Really appreciated :+1:

I don’t have a Windows install so can’t try that command, but I have a few Linux distributions installed, and I’m able to mount the NTFS partitions from those distributions without any issues. Also, I’ve tried the following command,

sudo ntfsfix /dev/sdX

On my partitions and it hasn’t shown any errors.

More importantly, I’ve run the following command on ntfs3g package,

emerge --pretend --verbose sys-fs/ntfs3g

And, the following USE flags are set there,

USE="acl ntfsprogs xattr -debug -fuse -mount-ntfs -ntfsdecrypt -static-libs -suid"

Don’t you think fuse mount ntfs suid needs to be enabled to mount the partitions successfully?

And, as I mentioned previously, the following forum post has described the exact same issue,

I hope this will be of some help in understanding the issue I’m facing.