My 15.17 KDE CLD only allows Auto Partition

Currently downloading an Xfce install of 15.17 now.
Seems to me over the last 5 years my CLD installs have come up auto partition mostly but allowed to go to manual install of partitions. This new download did not. Can anyone explain… am I overlooking a selection somewhere during the install?


Do you use console or gui installer?

Console installer (cl-install) has options for autopartition:

-D (for specify devices for autopartition)

if you need manualy patitioning, you can use any partition manager (parted, fdisk and etc) and after specify by --disk params.

At example (manually):

 # sda1 - swap
 # sda2 - root
 # sda5 - data partition
 # /var/calcualte/home -> /home bind
cl-install -d /dev/sda1:swap -d /dev/sda2:/ -d /dev/sda5:/var/calculate -d /var/calculate/home:/home


 # create on device sda 3 partition: swap (5G), root(20G), data(all free space)
cl-install --autopartition on -D /dev/sda --auto-scheme swap,calculate --root-size 20G --swap-size 5G