Использования протокола mtp (android) kde в дистрибутиве CLD

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Hi, x y!

I read the documentation, and came to the conclusion that the problem is easily solved. You just need to install the "flag -mtp» in the package «kde-apps/kio-extras»

We do everything from user “root”!

Here is an example of how to solve it:

$ еix kio-extras

and that the flag is not set «mtp»

We set the flag «mtp» package «kde-apps / kio-extras»:

$ еcho "kde-apps/kio-extras mtp" > /etc/portage/package.use/kio-extras

Run the system update utility:

$ cl-update -eovR

After rebuilding the system, make the system restarts:

$ reboot

Everything is working.

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Вышла версия 2.4 Android File Transfer for Linux, теперь и для OS X

Разработчики! Установите флаг “mtp” по умолчанию в пакете “kde-apps/kio-extras”

Спасибо !