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Moving from layman to eselect

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Moving from layman to eselect

In our latest testing update, your enabled overlays are managed via the eselect module. app-eselect/eselect-repository will be installed, while app-portage/laymanwill be removed. Have no fear: all settings and paths are handled by the revision to achieve a smooth migration. Namely, the repos will be moved from /var/lib/laymanto the /var/db/repos directory. emerge --syncwill now operate as safely and correctly as it used to.

To check the available overlays, run:

eselect repository list

To enable an overlay:

eselect repository enable

To synchronize:

emerge --sync

To remove an overlay:

eselect repository remove

New on Calculate: a local overlay

Also brought in by this update, a local overlay will be automatically created and enabled in /var/calculate/custom-overlay, so that the /var/calculate partition be saved and secure at system update time. This overlay can be used to install custom packages based on your ebuild files.

custom.cld* moving back to custom

Last year, we renamed the masks to align them to thecustom.cld format. We also added a rule, making those files be transferred automatically to the new system when updating from the same system image.

All of these are obsolete. Dynamic file names make support more difficult, so we decided to return to the old names. Only settings will be moved.

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