Move the server-data map.

Is it possible to move this directory structure to a different location??

Home directory | /var/calculate/server-data/samba/home/user |
Share directory | /var/calculate/server-data/samba/share |
Linux profile | /var/calculate/server-data/samba/profiles/unix/user |
Windows profile | /var/calculate/server-data/samba/profiles/win/user |
Windows logon | /var/calculate/server-data/samba/netlogon/user

I want to move it from /var to /mnt/server-data. The only two solutions i could think of, is to mount /var to a different hard disk or to make a symbolic link. But maybe there is a more elegant solution?

I hope someone can help me out, google did not saved my butt.


Instead of /mnt, you can mount in /var/calculate

or add the following line in /etc/fstab

/mnt/server-data   /var/calculate/server-data   none   bind   0 0


This was the elegant solution i searched for. Easier than changing ever conf file on the system…