Monitor and shutdown

Before died a Samsung monitor 22 inch I noticed a strange situation when I quit Calculate. The system goes into the shutdown, and in the end, a black screen appears showing the traces of the LCD panel brightness. This only happens in Calculate. I bought a new 24 inch Samsung but it was defective and I returned the monitor to service. From friends I borrowed a Philips monitor 22 inch and I have the same situation when shutting down Calculate. Manjaro, Kali, Neon normally shut down, just a black screen. Why this happens only in Calculate CLD?

This is an amazing effect of aging the monitor, which makes you tremble created using the theme. Unfortunately, the transition to Plymouth has limited our capabilities. Prior to that, the console was also with a retro monitor =)

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I use a penguin image, but this is when booting the system, I have this effect only in Calculate go shutdown. The first monitor Samsung LCD was 5 years old, the second new Samsung was the same with the shutdown and I returned it to service, the third was borrowed from a friend for 2 years starting Philips very little used. As far as I remember plymouth are used by everyone, they are inserted to entertain the user and fascinated, now they call it splash, it was once a wonder, magic as well as Compiz lollipop for a little boy to migrate from windows to linux. :slight_smile:

This is not normally 2 days at shutdown just normal black screen, now again black screen and backlit lighting.

Take a photo please.

At the moment, I do not have a mobile phone to record the black screen and backlight of the LCD panel. I did the emerge-e @world tonight, letting the famous grub re-put splash = off, because I have a lot of system troubles, and where you wrote to me, I do not find any template that looks like something that has splash = off in itself. I use CLD and I am convinced to help one user XFCE that the files are different with the extension. I’ve deleted Eric Python IDE, calibre-ebook, start cl-update etc … I’m quitting using CLD because I have a monitor I borrowed, a new monitor I bought is on the service, and the same thing happened on this new monitor. All these problems began to happen when you made an openRC update that is now bored and printed lines when booting up the system and shutdown the system. No version of teamviewer works, the system does not see btfrs linux distro. Too many problems when I update the CLD … I’m going back to Manjaro, everything works ok, no problem. Instead of the computer servicing me, I became a servant to the computer. Distributions have become a philosophy rather than an exact science where 2 + 2 = 4