minimised programs disappear SOLVED

Hi, I love your Gnome desktop distribution thanks.
I removed the bottom panel with all the icons and made a new panel as in a regular Gnome desktop.
I notice that when I minimise a running program it does not sit on the panel but disappears completely and I cant find it.
I have to open the program again with previous data lost.
Please can you advise me on this thanks

Minimized programs must be displayed on the top panel. Unfortunately I work in KDE.
If you need to restore the default settings, exit session, rename your directory /home/username, and login. The directory will be created. Then you can transfer your data from the old directory.

Thanks Alexander,
I just solved it.
I needed to go to “add to panel” in the new bottom panel I created and select “window selector”
I can now minimize programs I’m running.
Calculate is a great distro thanks. I’ll enjoy learning about it. I used Gentoo a few years ago but eventually it beat me and I had to go to Archlinux. which is also very good

Archlinux good distribution, but since we’re using Linux on desktops and servers, we have made a choice towards Gentoo.