Migrating from gentoo to calculate

Hi All

I’ve been using gentoo for years, but I think calculate-linux would suit me better.
Can any one point me to some instructions for migrating from standard gentooo to calculate.
I’ve added the calculated overlay, what should I emerge now?


Hi Dewald,

Thank you for your question. We do not describe all the features Calculate. Due to the fact that in the past 5 months we have developed a new version of the utilities calculate 2.2, constantly making adjustments.

Calculate remains fully compatible with Gentoo, with the addition of several features. Part of the features obtained from the utilities Calculate, part of the profile Calculate and part of the ISO-image Calculate Linux.

Unfortunately ‘eselect profile list’ in the Gentoo system will not show the profiles of the overlay. You can patch the package, temporarily switching the profile manually. Try these steps:

cd /etc/
mv make.profile make.profile-old
ln -s ../var/lib/layman/calculate/profiles/calculate/desktop/CLS/x86 make.profile
emerge eselect
rm make.profile
mv make.profile-old  make.profile

Use instead of amd64 x86, if you have 64-bit system.

After this eselect will select one of the profiles Calculate:

eselect profile list
eselect profile set X

If you have questions, ask.

Worked! My profile is now based on calculate amd64 desktop!
What is next?

When you select Calculate profile, keep in mind that the CLD - profile with the desktop KDE, CLDG - with gnome, CLDX - with XFCE and CLS with openbox.

CLD includes all the packages described in the app-misc/cld-meta, CLDX - app-misc/cldx-meta, etc.

calculate-install and calculate-desktop can customize your packages. Install them:

emerge calculate-install calculate-desktop
cl-install --install
cl-desktop --install

need add

layman -a distros

or calculate profiles not listed