Meet CLSK beta!


CLSK stands for Calculate Linux Scratch with KDE 5, finally made available by the CL team. Like our AcoolA project a few years ago, it is mainly for testing the framework as much as Calculate template settings.

As the name implies, this is a stripped-down but fully customized Calculate desktop. CLSK integration with Calculate Directory Server is also expected. As for now, it can be used for building a system based on the new plasma using both KDE software and third-party, namely CLDX applications. With the Breeze-like theme we specially designed for use with the Gtk framework, Gtk2 / 3 and KDE4 applications almost look as if they were native Qt5 features.

We really look forward to your help in comprehensive testing of this new product. The more feedback we get, the sooner the final release! Please note though that we excluded any applications that use Qt4, as they are still bound by old dependencies. These applications will be back in CLSK as soon as they migrate to Qt5.

Knowing that 32-bit Qt5 is still unstable in Portage, only 64-bit versions of CLSK are distributed. Go get it on our Yandex mirror: