MD5SUM file?

Hello everyone, this is my very first post.

I just downloaded Calculate minutes ago, and I’m enthusiastic about trying it. I’m currently a Debian user, but I dislike systemd, which is getting hard to avoid. I’ve used Gentoo in the past, but it’s time-consuming to compile. I’m hoping that Calculate is just what I’m looking for.

I don’t want to sound like I’m criticizing - I very much appreciate all the fine work the developers have done. But one thing is a little odd: none of the download servers give any indication of a checksum file. Usually a Linux iso available for download will have a separate file with a name like MD5SUM, or maybe SHA256SUM, so that we can check that the download went well.

Perhaps the checksum files are already here on the site, but I’ve somehow missed them. If it’s not here already, can we include a list of md5sum output for the latest release somewhere on this forum?

Again, my humble thanks to the developers for building this unique distro. I certainly couldn’t have done all that work myself.


Hi Robert,
Thanks for your feedback.
You can see the checksums in Packages. For example:

Hello Alexander, and thank you for your prompt reply.

You can see the checksums in Packages. For example:

I looked at that file as you suggested, and I do see checksums for individual packages. However, I don’t see a checksum for the image file cldx-15.12-x86_64.iso, even though that file can be found on the same server:

With some googling, I did finally find an MD5SUM here:

Anyway, not really a problem. I will proceed to install later this evening. I have a good feeling about this distro and what you are trying to accomplish.

Thank you again for all the fine development work on Calculate.

best regards,

Hi, Robert,
By analogy with Gentoo, we create checksum files with the extension DIGESTS.