Masked packages and kernel upgrade?

Hi everyone, I’m having some issues with masked packages. qtstyleplugins, mgba, and quite a few other packages are all masked. Last package I tried to unmask refused to install, ‘use flag configuration error’.

I’ve got my computer installing a few packages right now but I’m going to attempt to unmask these packages & see what errors I get… qtstyleplugins is so I can apply a GTK+ theme to a QT4/QT5 program.

Thankfully I’m able to compile mgba from source manually, but qtstyleplugins I can’t…

Also, how can I upgrade to kernel 4.14? Or perhaps 4.12 or 4.13?
Which one performs better? I don’t know about Calculate Linux or Gentoo, but on Debian the 4.13 kernel would eat up an extra 50MB of RAM & although I have 2GB RAM in this i686, the difference was definitely felt!

I found the Liquorix kernel to be pretty good, is there anything like that with Calculate/Gentoo Linux? Or a Con-Kolivas Linux-ck kernel like Arch has? Just curious, this last bit isn’t so important but the masked packages & updating my kernel I would say are important. Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Kenny,
Packages qtstyleplugins and quite in Portages are not present. For the mgba package, there is no binary file yet and it will be compiled from the source code.

For CL there are several kernels. The current stable is now 4.9. You can also install 4.4 or 4.14. For the freshest kernel, there is always a binary update. Memory consumption did not compare, now the kernel includes a patch uksm that reduces memory consumption.