Managing the Desktop profile in CLDG -CDS

I have a small question in relation to CDS - CLDG Set up
Let say i have 5 ldap users.Among the 5 i have picked up one user and did some Control Center settings like remote desktop settings some menu items i have unchecked so that they are not displayed and some task bar and menu bar settings.
Now what i want is same set of settings to appear for rest of 4 users and also same settings should be applied to all new users that are going be as ldap users in future.

I have done the same in Ubuntu.I have copied .gconf,gconfd,.profile,.gnome2 from /home/admin to /etc/skel and all rest of users who entered was by default having those preferences as of admin

I am sure there must be some way around in CLDG also.I didn’t find any thing in /etc/skel.
I have tried to copy
cp -R /var/calculate/server-data/samba/profiles/unix90093/ /var/calculate/server-data/samba/profiles/unix/25773/
where my 90093 is set user whose preferences i want to reflect in user 25773 and so on…

Thanks & Regards
Pranav Sharma

Use templates to configure applications in CLDG. Templates - are the usual configuration files, which can be combined with existing configuration files. Templates desktop settings are in the directory:


There is create a directory with any name and put your settings.

Note, /var/calculate/remote mounted from the server CDS. Edit the settings should be on the server.

Copy settings - the simplest solution. You can also use the template, for example:


Guidelines for working with templates 2.2 available yet in Russian: