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Here is the man page:

CL-INSTALL(1)             Calculate Linux installation            CL-INSTALL(1)

       cl-install - installs Calculate Linux on hdd, USB-Flash or USB-HDD

       [-d] [-w] [--mbr] [--type] [--iso] [-s] [--march] [--build] [-l] [-u]
       [--hostname]  [--netconf] [--dhcp] [--ip] [--route] [--dns] [--proxy]
       [--ntp]   [--nouuid]   [--set]   [-U]   [-f]   [--live]   [--install]
       [--uninstall]   [--nospinner]   [-P]  [-p]  [-v]  [--filter]  [--xml]
       [--color] [--version] [-h]

        cl-install  -  Calculate   Linux installation tool. It supports installing on Hard Disk Drive, external hard disk and USB-stick. Image, stored in  '/var/calculate/linux' or '/var/calculate/remote/linux' is used for installing. In case of installing from LiveCD/LiveUSB booted image is used.

Installation on hard disk can be done in usual mode or in interactive build mode for creating changed distribution. For installing in interactive build mode use '--build'.

Installation on external hard drive differs by the lack of hardware dependence. 

By default, installing on USB-flash is done by copying of liveusb image with fat32 as a filesystem and syslinux bootloader. If needed, system can be installed with full file unpacking like installing on HDD. Use '--type' option for it.

Options for cl-install:

           DISK   -   volume for installing or directory in case of remounting the part of filesystem hierarchy. DIR - mounting point, value 'none' cancels mounting point transferring. FILESYSTEM - file system, available values: ext2,  ext3,  ext4,  reiserfs,  xfs,  jfs, btrfs. OPTIONS - mounting options, see 'man fstab'. For multiple volumes specifying use the option required number of times. 

    -w, --swap swap volume

    --mbr boot disk
          Disk for  Master  Boot  Record  (MBR).  Value 'off' cancels boot record changing.

    --type device type
           Device type. Valid values: hdd, usb-hdd, flash.

    --iso path to file
           Path to file, containing ISO image with distribution. If not specified, image of the same architecture is sought in '/var/calculate/linux' and '/var/calculate/remote/linux', or livecd is used in case of booting from LiveCD/LiveUSB.  At finding multiple images, priority is given to more recent version.

    -s, --os distribution
           The choice of the distribution, valid values "CDS",  "CLD",  "CLDG", "CLDX",  "CLS",  "CMC" и "CSS". If specified, required distro is sought in '/var/calculate/linux' and '/var/calculate/remote/linux'.

    --march architecture
           CPU's architecture choising. Valid values: "i686", "x86_64". If specified, required distro is sought in '/var/calculate/linux' and '/var/calculate/remote/linux'.

           Installing in interactive build mode. Is valid while installing on HDD. If specified, live image during boot will be mounted in a separate layer of aufs2 filesystem. Additional layers allow to separate changes from the results. 

    -l, --lang language
           Language choice. Valid values: 'bg_BG' - Bulgarian, 'de_DE' -German, 'en_US' - English, 'es_ES'  -  Spanish,  'fr_FR'  - French, 'it_IT' - Italian, 'pl_PL' - Polish, 'pt_BR' - Portugal Brazilian, 'pt_PT'  -  Portugal ,  'ro_RO'  - Romanian, 'ru_RU' - Russian, 'uk_UA' - Ukrainian.

    -u, --user user
           Users added to the installed system. For adding several users use the option required number of times

    --hostname hostname
           Short or full form of hostname.

    --netconf network manager
           Network manager choice. Valid values: 'openrc' and 'networkmanager'. The latter can be chosen if NetworkManager is a part of the distro. 

    --dhcp interface
           Get IP-address throw DHCP for specified interface. For specifying of two or more interfaces use the option required number of times.

    --ip [IFACE:]IP
           IPv4 network address with CIDR specifying. IFACE can indicate a network interface. The default IFACE value is eth0. E.g. Specifying of several network interfaces is allowed. 

           Routing rule: network, gateway, interface, source IP. For specifying default gateway, NETWORK can be set as 'default'.

    --dns DNS
           Network address of DNS server.

    --proxy PROXY
           Network address of proxy server.

    --ntp NTP
           Network address of NTP timeserver.

           Don't use UUID device names. If specified, usual device names (/dev/sda1, etc.) will be used. Use if you sure in what you do.

    --set VAR=VALUE
           Changes internal variable value of Calculate utilities. For multiple values changing use the option required number of times. 

    -U, --update
           Run install for new versions only. Handy to use with the second volume for system updating and '--force' option.

    -f, --force
           Don't ask questions while installing.

           Run configure of the current system. While running system configuration with templates is done, Calculate-utilities join to autoconfiguring of programs installed by package manager. Command is running while livecd booting or first system boot. It's possible to  restore the initial configuration of the system. With language, network, video, etc. configuring options it is possible to change system configuration. 

           Configuring calculate-install for package configuration. Running this in Calculate  Linux leads to joining package for autoconfiguring of programs installed by package manager. Utility is run by profile.bashrc script from calculate overlay.

           Disable package configuring by calculate-install.

           Disable progress bar of system installing.

           Read passwords from standard input. If specified one or more users passwords are read from standard input.

    -p, --show-partitions
           Show info about present partitions. The info, shown in table view: size, device, label, mounting point, filesystem format, type, installed system.

    -v, --show-variables
           List environmental variables of Calculate utilities with their values and changing access flag. For full view use '-vv'

    --filter filter
           Variable filtering. Is used with '--show-variables'. E.g.: 'cl-install -v --filter=*video*'.

           Output variables in XML format. Is used with '--show-variables'. 

    --color WHEN
           Color using control. WHEN can take values 'never', 'always' or 'auto' for messages output with or without color. 

           Print version number of cl-install program and exit.

    -h, --help
           Print help and then exit.

    cl-builder(1), cl-image(1)

    System installing to /dev/sda2
       cl-install -d /dev/sda2

    Changing video driver on 'fglrx'. Before running be sure 'x11-drivers/ati-drivers' is installed.
       cl-install --live --set os_install_x11_video_drv=fglrx

     System installing on several partitions. In the example system is installed on sda2, all users settings and data are stored on sda5, sda1 is used as swap.
       cl-install -d /dev/sda2 -d /dev/sda5:/var/calculate -d /var/calculate/home:/home -w /dev/sda1 --hostname calculatelinux

    System installing with network options specifying: ip  address, mask, defailt gateway, DNS As a network manager is used OpenRC.
       cl-install -d /dev/sda2 --ip --route default: --dns --netconf openrc

    Router installing. In the example two network interfaces are configured,  Input  eth0:  ip address, mask, gateway  and output eth1:  ip  address, mask DNS address Routing to network is made throw gateway
       cl-install -d /dev/sda2 --ip eth0: --route default: --ip eth1: --route --dns

    Calculate Utilities are developed by Calculate Ltd.
    Man page originally written by Calculate Ltd.

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