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Login and launcher 'face'

Please can someone reveal how to change the stupid ‘face’ logo from the login screen and launcher menu? I’ve tried using the available settings but although the new selected image appears in the settings it doesn’t then appear anywhere else.

Какое лицо? У меня нет. Фото в студию

The ‘face’ appears in the launcher menu and also the login screen. You can click this to change it to either an avatar from the default selection or a separate image file, but doing so generates an error and it doesn’t save.

Дистр какой? CLDX? CLDM? CLD?

The version installed is: CLD

This is still the same with V21 Desktop. The change shows in the settings window but everywhere else remains with the default image.

Try this:
replace /home/username/.face with image file you want to use. You must name it .face

Thanks for the suggestion but I had already tried that and it still stays the same. The .face image must be being drawn from somewhere else within the system files I’ve been unable to locate.

Make sure you also have symbolic link pointing to it:
ln -s /home/username/.face.icon /home/username/.face
It doesn’t work without it.

Thank you for helping. I tried that and get this?

ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘/home/Glyn/.face’: File exists

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