last cl-update keeps breaking my system

Display flickers and tears then it freezes. I am using Nvidia nouveau driver, kernel 4.19.24-calculate.
This update installs kernel 4.19.29-calculate
Booting latest iso image gives same result, display freezes.

Please help/fix.

If it’s possible use nvidia drivers, nouveau one are known from generating issues. Maybe some options can be set in grub menu, I’ll check it later.
Is it working?

Switched to Nvidia drivers and it’s all good now.
Thank you!

Once again last update from yesterday broke something. Plasma themes don’t work…

Attaching screenshot of panel which is supposed to be dark. I am using Calculate theme with Breeze Dark desktop. Seems only dark themes are affected.


I replicated the same issue on clean install on another drive. Looks like only Breeze Dark desktop theme is affected. Installed new dark theme (Arc Dark) and that theme works fine. Attached screenshot.


Nobody has this problem except me? I doubt it’s only me.
KDE plasma is garbage, always some problems and bugs. Microsoftian bloatware.
I ran Calculate with Cinnamon desktop for year and a half with no problems.
Guess it’s time to dump the bloatware for good, never go back to it.

I have no idea.
I migrated from KDE to MATE because this desktop (KDE) is more and more buggy

I use google translation, so it may be strange English

It may be better not to refer to threads of other distributions, but I found this.

If you just want to use the breeze dark theme, there is a workaround.
Look; Breeze Dark
Desktop themes; Arc
If you copy the icon etc., it will look almost like Breeze Dark.

Today’s update should fix.

320 packages updated! must have been royally broken :slight_smile:
Thank you for the hard work Alexander
and thanks all for comments