New to Calculate, so please bear with me.

Since the target demographic seems to be enterprise, are there any mechanisms for a kickstart-like functionality or a PXE deployment functionality? If not, are they part of the roadmap? Both be incredibly important additions.

  • Joel

more specifically I was interested in knowing if I could use cobbler to provision Calculate servers and clients through PXE without user intervention.

At present there is no official support for PXE. But as far as I know, users performed similar experiments and added support. Currently we are working on an API to Calculate Utilities.

I’ve been doing a bit of a problem. What exactly do you know?
I ran the CLS installation from a remote CDS. That is, load the image into memory, in this embodiment, it works. Installation Windows also can run the same way. WindowsXP installed normally, but Windows7 only over WinPE and run the installation from a local drive. A full-CLD I was able to run from nfs-share, but without initrd.