Keyboard CAPS Lock not working

Hi ,
I have a weird problem that in keyboard CAPS Lock key is not working.
I have tried with Logitech,Dell and other keyboards, same with all.
I have use shift key to type letters in capital.It works when i switch to alt+f2 and go to terminal biut doesn’t work in GUI Mode.
Caps lock light even don’t turn on

Do i need to install some drivers, please suggest!!!

Thanks & Regards
Pranav Sharma.

Hello, you can use shift+Caps Lock to turn on CAPS

I know this is a bit late, but I had the same problem. I figured out it’s because of the Keyboard Layouts Plugin - you probably see the letters US or a flag of whatever layout you’re using on the panel. If you right-click that and choose preferences, you’ll see the option “Change layout option” is set to CapsLock. I changed it to “-” and then capslock functions as normal again.