KDE5 minimize to tray

As you may know kde-4 had a very useful feature, you could minimize to tray almost any application. Xvideos

It’s useful for example for: Xnxx

  • mailing clients (thunderbird, which doesn’t have any extension for it now)
  • notes applications (treeline for example, I think no one uses it here, ha-ha)
  • any other types of application which you want to keep open permanently (spotify?)

But kde-5 removes this option, there was a checkbox in some early versions, but it didn’t work cause ksystraycmd was removed from the bundle.

But today I found, ksystraycmd still works!

You just need to extract this single file from “kde-workspace-bin” package from kde-4.

So to run any application in “tray mode” you need just to modify shortcut, for example:

  • /path/to/ksystraycmd --hidden /usr/bin/thunderbird %u (for thunderbird).
  • /path/to/ksystraycmd --hidden --window TreeLine treeline (–window is for regexp which window should be used, treeline asks for password in a separated window)
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