KDE Nividia uninstall-compile kernel-reinstall cycle

I really only have one big question. How does a person continuously un-install the nividia driver to COMPILE a kernel, then RE-INSTALL the Nvidia driver and settings utility, then, UNINSTALL the nividia driver and utility, to compile the kernel, then RE-INSTALL?

What is the work-flow? I don’t want to use the nouvou driver, just the proprietary driver? I also run into problems WITH JOCKEY and would like to avoid that completely. Why is that needed? How can I completely AVOID all problems with jockey?

Once more, my issue is developing a fool proof uninstall/re-install workflow for nividia stuff for the purposes of compiling and re-compiling the kernel, as many times as I want to.

Thank you so much in advance! I’ve run into problems continuously, maybe someone can help me avoid wasting 50 HOURS A WEEK? :slight_smile: Thank you.

<> command to rebuild modules after compiling kernel. You don’t need UNINSTALL and RE-INSTALL Nvidia

Awesome! Thank you! Now I can get compiling again with the lovely cl-kernel --menuconfig again! :slight_smile:

Interesting thing happened. I re-compiled my kernel, and DO NOT have to rebuild the nvidia driver! Why is that? maybe the system is not booting from my newly compiled kernel? how can I tell? This is odd. Doesn’t make sense.


Are you a new version of the kernel is compiled, or the same, but with the new configuration? If the same, the old modules are suitable and you do not have to do rebuild